Blackberry Smoothie



This Blackberry Smoothie is the quintessential taste of summer. Blackberries are often in abundance making this the best smoothie to make.

Summer Blackberry Smoothie

Summer is here, the blackberries are ripe – it’s time to make a summer blackberry smoothie to cool us all down.

Blackberries often grow wild in the UK, meaning they’re an absolute doddle to grow and they’re one of the easiest, cheapest fruits to get hold of.

This blackberry smoothie, like most smoothies literally takes seconds to make.

Summer Blackberry Smoothie

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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A perfect way to use blackberries picked fresh from the garden

Great if you have a sweet tooth!


  1. 500g Blackberries
  2. 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  3. 125ml of milk 
  4. 2tbsp Sugar (this depends on how sweet you want it)


  1. Put all of the ingredients mentioned above into a blender.
  2. Blend.
  3. Pour into a glass and add a straw.


Summer Blackberry Smoothie

Not only can you make smoothies with blackberries, but they’re also great to chuck into a an apple and blackberry crumble to bulk it out.

At the Knollmead allotment site, there’s an old legend whereby the neighbouring court farm (now a garden centre and nature reserve) housed a fruit farm – making these particular blackberries quite unique.

Wild blackberry vines at allotment need a firm hand in my experience, often needing a pruning in Autumn to help keep under control.

My approach to pruning blackberries, entails removing either any dead wood, or anything that gets in the way. Blackberry thorns can be viscous and numerous!

What do you with your blackberries? I’d love to know some more recipe ideas in the comments below.



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  1. Raspberries and apricots blended with honey and Greek yogurt create a perfectly delicious summer smoothie.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely have to give this a go with some of my fresh raspberries this year 🙂

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