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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016

Hello there and here’s to wishing you a happy new year and hoping 2016 is a healthy and fruitful year for you.

I have to admit, this entire winter season has come as a surprise due to the unusually high temperatures, lack of frost, torrential downfall and of course… storm Frank.

This unseasonably warm weather has caused daffodils to poke their tips through the ground and buds to bloom.  Temperatures in London this past December reached 16C – which, according to the MET office was the average temperature of June 2015.  So, if you’re wondering why you’ve gone down with a terrible cold or bug, don’t be too surprised as germs and viruses have been allowed to flourish and spread.

2016 looks like it’s going to be just as hot with temperatures and conditions shifting into, what’s expected to be the biggest El Nino event on record.  Typically an El Nino event lasts from between nine months to two years.  However, this El Nino event is expected to last a staggering four years.

In September 2015, head of the Met Office Hadley Centre, Professor Stephen Belcher said: “We know natural patterns contribute to global temperature in any given year, but the very warm temperatures so far this year indicate the continued impact of increasing greenhouse gases. With the potential that next year could be similarly warm, it’s clear that our climate continues to change.”   

It goes without saying that the environment is probably one of the most important things, we as human beings, need to both care about and not take for granted.  Maintaining and increasing the amount of green spaces that are available, recycling, encouraging wildlife and reducing the carbon footprint is definitely going to be amongst my new years resolutions.

These warm temperatures also mean that I need to pull my finger out and get cracking with sowing seeds, planting bulbs and gearing up for the seasons ahead – all be it, slightly early, as usually at this time of year I’d be kicking back waiting for the ice to thaw.

Roll on 2016 and good luck!

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