Mashed potato with wholegrain mustard

Mashed potato with wholegrain mustard is a recipe that’s been done countless times – and if you’re an avid foodie you’ll probably say, “oh that’s nothing new!” The truth is, you’re right.

Adding wholegrain mustard to your mash can add a pleasant twist to an otherwise mundane side dish. During the winter months the sharpness of the mustard can add a real warming texture to the mash. Obviously your mustard tolerance will dictate how much mustard you use, but for good measure I recommend adding a minimum of two teaspoons the mix – if you overdo it, add creme fraiche to the pain to tone the mustard.


Potatoes – judge the amount based on how many people you’re catering for

A sprinkle of salt

2 Teaspoons of wholegrain mustard

1 knob of butter

Mashed potato with whole grain mustard : Method

1. Peel the potatoes and place into a saucepan of water. Once they’re all peeled, run the saucepan under the tap to wash the starch out of the potato – the water will eventually run clear and this makes for a much more solid consistency when you mash the potato.  Add a sprinkle of salt to the pan to taste.

2. Bring the pan to the boil and cook the potatoes until they are soft – you should be able to go through the whole chunks of potato with a knife.

3.  Drain the potatoes and add a decent knob of butter and start mashing, when all of the potatoes are mashed – add the wholegrain mustard.  I recommend two teaspoons, but if you like more of a kick then feel free to add more.

4. Serve with a pie and gravy – (or anything you like!)

The secret to making good mashed potato is down to the variety of potato that use. Each spud has it’s own quality and some make for better mash than others.

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