De Carentan 2 Leek

Sowing Leeks: De Carentan 2

In the spirit of getting a head start on things and trying to make sense of this weather, I’ve decided to sow some leeks. The variety I’ve chosen is called De Carentan 2, which is a variety said to be ideal for novice gardeners.

De Carentan 2 is very old, French variety of leek and they date back as far as 1885. You can sow leek De Carentan 2 indoors from January, but the minimum temperature for germination is around 10 degrees.

Annoyingly, temperatures plummetted to -2 a week after I sowed these seeds, so I’m hoping this doesn’t cause too many complications – if it does, I can sow the seeds straight outdoors in March.

To make the most of the space that I have available, I have chosen to sow the seeds in a seed tray of around 85 cells or so. I managed to grab these trays when I noticed my local garden centre throwing them out.

I’ve also searched high and low on the internet to see if you’re able to buy something similar online and the closest seed tray I’ve found is this product available to buy on

I just hope it doesn’t break during the delivery!

Leek De Carentan 2

Once these leeks have reached the size of a pencil (roughly) and assuming the temperatures are accommodating, I’ll look to transplant the seedlings outdoors.

These leeks can be used in a variety of dishes and are said to be a good, all round staple for the kitchen.

Like any other seed tray, I first filled each cell with multi-purpose compost. Because there are so many cells to fill, I then watered the tray to get everything even and to make sure that the second layer of compost on top didn’t brush off the seeds from each cell.

Leek seeds are quite fine, so I won’t be surprised if one or two cells end up growing three or four seedlings or so (assuming they germinate at all!).

leek de carentan 2 seedlings

I can almost smell the leek and potato soup….

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