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The meaning of every rose colour

The mystery and romance surrounding the rose have captivated man since time began. As a result, the rose can relate to a range of emotions including love, passion, beauty, war and even politics.

In the run up to Valentines Day, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a range of different roses and colours that petrol stations and supermarkets have to offer, but each colour and tint means something different.

I’ve tried to do some research on what different colour roses could mean or what they interpret when they’re given as a gift. During my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the rose, as a plant, and its colours, all have different meanings based on opinion – rather than fact.

In light of that, I’m going to do the honourable thing and pass the buck as I’ve found that the best run down of coloured rose meanings comes from Good House Keeping¬†magazine.

Check out this article, A Rose isn’t just a Rose to make sure that you get every occasion right.

I particularly like this run down by Lauren Piro because the examples she uses relate to all aspect of everyday life, and shows how the beauty of the rose can apply on not only valentines day but also if you’re seeing a friend or other special occasions.

Good luck with your future choices when picking out that ever important bouquet!

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