Brenden F1 Brussels Sprout

Separating Brussels Sprouts: Brenden F1

Not long ago, I planted some Brussels Sprout, Brenden F1 seeds and now the time has come to separate the seedlings and plant them in their own pot.

I tend to separate plants when the second set of leaves have grown.

It’s a bit of a delicate process, but it’s so satisfying to see when all of the seedlings have been given a bit more room to grow.

First of all, line up your pots, fill with compost and make a hole in the centre of the pot. It’s best to plant the seedlings into moist compost so I water the pots beforehand and let drain for a couple of minutes.

Using a spoon or a seedling dibber, gently lift the seedlings out of their cells making sure that you have plenty of root to plant into the new pots. Gently plant the seedling into the pot, making sure the roots are well covered.

In total I’ve wound up with 14 Brussels Sprout plants, which I cannot wait to pick produce off of. If you need to see how to sow Brussels Sprouts, click here.

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