Broad Beans Bunyards Exhibition

Separating Broad Beans: Bunyards Exhibition

After a number of mice attacks, and after the third attempt at sowing some seeds my broad beans have grown into lovely plants – which, I’m glad to say need to be separated into their own pots.

I planted two seeds to each pot and much like the brussels sprouts, the time has come to give each plant a bit more room.

Because these plants are bigger, they’re easier to handle. There’s no need to fill the new pots to the brim, just a handful of compost will do, just so that the base of the pot is covered.

Pat the plants out of their pots and pull away the two plants from the root, making sure you keep hold of as much of the roots as possible.

Place the plants into the middle of the new pot and fill the gaps with fresh compost.

Water well and hope for the best! These plants will be a target for slugs and snails, so I’ve set a slug bin to help deter any pests from eating my broad beans.

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