All the year round Broccoli Cauliflower Green Magic F1

Separating Green Magic Broccoli and All Year Round Cauliflower Seedlings

No less than a fortnight after sowing my green magic broccoli and all year round cauliflower seeds – they’d sprouted!

Seeing fresh seedlings is such a great sight and I could see that I run the risk of these seedlings going leggy. Seedlings go leggy after the plant grows to find as much light possible. As it tries to get closer and closer to the light, the plant becomes floppy and will struggle to support itself.

I usually like to wait until the seedlings have two sets of leaves on them before I transplant them into individual pots – but I thought, on this occasion, it won’t hurt to give them a little more room.

Transplanting seedlings, you just have to be really gently and avoid handling the seedlings by the stem.

  1. Fill a pot with multi-purpose compost or potting compost and water, transplanting the seedlings into moist environment encourages root growth.
  1. Make a hole in the centre of the pot – using a tea spoon or a dibber gently prise out the seedlings from the cells making sure you take lots of the root ball with it.
  1. Plant the seedlings into the pot covering the base of the plant as much as you can.

And that’s all there is to it really.

Be sure to keep your seedlings watered and harden them off before you plant them outside.

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