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Last minute Father’s Day gifts

It’s Father’s Day and the summer is well and truly here! If you’ve been looking for that perfect gift of appreciation here’s some quick fixes to get you through that last minute Father’s Day rush.

Natural Pine Picnic Bench – – At least half an hours worth of ‘putting something together’ enjoyment right there! Followed by a nice cold one and a sit down.

Burgon and Ball tuck-in tin – – It’s like one of those lunch boxes you see in the movies! It’s metal, so will keep everything cool if you put an ice pack in with your food.

Free stuff for your allotment Kindle Download – – Look it’s free! A download book which basically says what it does on the tin.

Raised bedding material – – This is a great idea. Easy to set up raised beds, made out of recycled plastic bottles. Good for the environment and will last a lifetime! 

Landmann DIY Charcoal Barbecue – – Oh yeah, now we’re talking! It’s BBQ season, and you, yes you! can make your Dad feel like he’s king of the pit with this brick BBQ.

Life Carver Garden Armchair Adirondack Folding – – Doesn’t this look pleasant? Perfect after you’ve built the picnic bench, raised bed and BBQ… But something is missing…

Coke retro – – I know this is a weird item to have on the list, but in this hot weather a nice cold coke in the retro glass bottle is just what the doctor ordered!

Beer! – – If you’re not into the above, then I’m  sure that the above will suffice. This is a great selection of beers from our friends at Shepherds Neme.

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler – – You’re going to need something to keep those beers and cokes cool aren’t you..

Beer Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Plaque – – And how you going to open them? With this cool retro wall mounted bottle opener of course!

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