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Every now and then I take a look at the search terms that bring readers to my blog and I pick out the questions and search terms that need answering.

Every now and then I take a look at the search terms that bring readers to my blog and I pick out the questions and search terms that need answering. It’s amazing to see what people are typing into Google and finding out what needs to be answered.

I try and do this exercise once a year, and below are some of the questions asked over the last year and a half by people from all over the web. I hope you find these useful!

What does “Kelveldon Wonder” mean?

Kelveldon Wonder is a variety of pea that was bred in Kelveldon, Essex in 1925. They’re a heritage variety that I’ve grown at the allotment before. Generally speaking, when I think of Essex – I don’t think of variety of pea…

Why are runner beans so expensive to buy?

This is a very good question. I can only put this down to how much space they take up, how much water is required and the fact that they’re probably one of the few vegetables that still have to be hand picked. They’re incredibly seasonal as well which can also dictate the price based on that years growing conditions. Although, in 2016 we did experience a hike in prices.

What tools do I need for an allotment?

When you have an allotment, you really don’t need that much. Thankfully I’ve written this article here that’ll give you some sort of idea.

Garden Fork

Why is weeding important?

Weeding is important because weeds take up space and water that should otherwise go to your plants. By definition, a weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. Here’s an article where I go into a bit more depth about weeding.

Do slugs eat carrot tops?

I’ve never seen a slug turn what it has for a nose to anything at the allotment. That said, with carrots – I’ve seen them decimate seedlings and totally bypass carrots that are much more mature. Which brings me onto the next question…

How to deal with slugs at the allotment?

There’s a number of ways you can deal with these little blighters, click here to read more.

Why out of date seeds won’t germinate?

Some, but not all out of date seeds will germinate – it really does depend on variety they are. Packets of seeds left in the shed, that are not kept in a cool, dry place for most of the time are at the behest of fluctuations in temperature, which can effect germination. If you have a packet of seeds that are out date, my advice is to sow them earlier than what’s stated on the packet – just in case! Here are a few more reasons why seeds won’t germinate from Thompson and Morgan.

When can I plant Casablanca Garlic bulbs?

Probably the most common variety of garlic you’ll see at your local garden center. Usually available during the winter months, I tend to plant my Casablanca garlic in January – but if you can plant them before Christmas then all the better!

What to do with a spare allotment?

Get digging of course! It can be a bit overwhelming taking on a new plot and there are tonnes of things you can do when you first start out. Here’s my take on what to when you first get an allotment. If you have just taken on a plot – keep at it! It pays off and having an allotment is very much in fashion.

What household items can you use at an allotment?

I wrote this article on recycling about two years or so ago now, and if you do a search online there’s probably even more to recycle.

Bonus Question: What are the main vegetables grown in Mozambique?

Probably the strangest question to appear in my stats… But according to Google…

Farmers grow cassava and maize/corn as the main crops, with millet, rice and beansalso common. Cash-crops provide vital extra income. Cashew and mango trees can be found on many smallholdings. And cotton,tobacco, sugar and tea are grown in certain areas of the country.




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  1. Sue Jearse

    Intetesting reading. Thanks Adam

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      You are most welcome Sue 🙂

  2. It is interesting to see what people are searching on Google, Adam! I like a question about carrots & snails. And I better get weeding then! Have a great weekend!

    1. Adam Leone

      It really is! Have you looked at your search queries?

  3. amy

    this really helped.

    1. Really glad of that! 🙂

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