10 Favourite Gardening Buzzfeed videos #4

Welcome to part 4 of my favourite gardening Buzzfeed videos. I hope they don’t stop making gardening ones!

Gardening Buzzfeed videos are brilliant! Nifty videos cover arts and crafts and Tasty videos cover food and recipes. I’m often watching gardening and outdoor related Buzzfeed Nifty videos or Buzzfeed Tasty videos via YouTube or Facebook. I think they’re really cool and quick to digest.  When it comes to the gardening, the guys at Buzzfeed have produced some fantastic content that involve recycling, creativity and true out of the box thinking.

I’ve started to compile my favourite Buzzfeed videos that I hope you can enjoy. In fact if you’ve tried any of the below – I’d love to see what you’ve been getting up to and what you think of these projects in the comments below.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

DIY Garden bug spray

5 DIY Projects that will help you be more eco-friendly

How to regrow fruit from your kitchen

Easiest vegetables to grow in a small space

Garden crafts you will love to watch grow

Up-cycled colander flower pot

7 Unique ways to spruce up your yard

Built-in cooler patio table

3-in-1 Garden seat

Portable tripod stool

One thought on “10 Favourite Gardening Buzzfeed videos #4

  1. They were fascinating, thank you. Will definitely experiment with different spray for pests. I tried making a chili one last year to deter rabbits to no avail, but adding the onion and garlic might help.
    I also like the idea of growing herbs in old jars. That could be perfect for our galley kitchen. 🚢


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