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RHS Glow 2018 at Wisley

This week I was lucky enough to visit the Glow are RHS Wisley in Surrey.

RHS Wisley is the flagship garden for the Royal Horticulture Society and for someone who grows their own veg, it’s a real treat to go there – I simply don’t go there often enough. The great thing about Wisley is that it changes with the seasons, which means that each time you go – you really do see something new, and the best of the season.

The Glow is no exception. I’d never been to a garden whereby the combination of lighting and plants were the focus. It’s a great idea entice footfall to the gardens during the colder winter months – and it also breaks up the time between Christmas and New Year fantastically.

There was a real chill in the air and the warm glow of the lights really did add some colour to the evenings proceedings. Interestingly, as we walked around, everything began to look rather psychedelic!

The glasshouse

The glasshouse sat like jewel in dark landscape…

It was definitely something that I’d never seen before. At this point, the temperature was starting to fall dramatically – so being able to see inside really did come at the right time.

A huge sparkly Christmas tree donned the entrance – an apt invitation if I say so myself at this time of year.

Step into the Woodland Realm that has transformed The Glasshouse. This is where the Wood Elves live who care for all creatures of the forest and also Santa’s reindeer when they aren’t flying through the skies on Christmas Eve. Spot the elves in their green and brown garb watching over the reindeer and see their homes high in the trees, hung with plants growing in glass balls and sparkling with crystals like raindrops. Look out for other woodland creatures and toadstools along the stream where some reindeers are drinking. Marvel at the tall tree built from poinsettias.

Walking around the glasshouse, everything started to get look a bit alien-like as we approached the cactuses and palm trees – but was reminded of what planet we were on when we saw the hippo.

Giant luminous plants

Then came the huge luminous alliums, mistletoe and onions!

The lake was particularly beautiful and a video can only really do it justice as the sound of the stream provided the perfect soundtrack to the cold, misty spectacle.

What followed was a particularly amusing feature where the visitors could start to control the lights via a series of plinths and big red buttons.

The Laboratory and Jellicoe Canal

This was probably my favourite bit of the whole journey. Leaving the best until last for sure.

At the time of this post the Glow 2018 is now sold out up to Wednesday 2 January – so keep checking here for updates.

Highly recommended 🙂

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