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Lego and horticulture?

When I heard that there was Lego at RHS Wisely, my first reaction was – “That’s an usual place to sell lego?” Then I heard there was an exhibition taking place in the glasshouse!

The Great Brick Safari boasts life size Lego sculptures of tigers, elephants and gorillas lurking amid the growth displayed the glasshouse.

I’m always encouraged to see new, creative ways in which different textures can be merged into features in the garden. This makes me wonder if Lego will build a garden at any flower shows – or if Lego will become the garden feature of tomorrow.

There are some great events running over the next few weeks – details of which can be found here.

The Great Brick Safari is running until 3rd March – it’s definitely worth a look.

3 replies on “Lego and horticulture?”

That looks amazing! I love Wisley and used to visit with my Dad who passed away last May. I haven’t been there since we lost him but I think I may need to plan another trip very soon as those creations look too good to miss!

Yeah it’s really good – and I quite like how they’re doing new and creative things to encourage footfall during the winter months. If you manage to make a pilgrimage I’d love to know your thoughts. Sorry to hear about your Dad – hopefully we’ll bump into each other at some point in the gardens in the future!

I will certainly let you know my thoughts if I manage to get there while it is still running. It is certainly a very positive thing that they are doing so much to encourage people to visit over winter. I will be sure to say hello if our paths should ever cross in the gardens there!

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