Allotment Diary

The long lost chicken tapes

I studied journalism at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham over 10 years ago now, and while I was there I specialised in online and broadcast radio journalism.

For my final project in year 3, I had to put together a 20 minute radio documentary about a topic of my choice. I decided to talk about keeping chickens in your own backyard, after my father built a chicken coop and came home with 4 hens for the garden.

Back in 2010, the nation was dusting itself off from the global recession and this topic seemed quite apt at the time – as the idea of the chickens paying for themselves through the gift of fresh eggs every morning seemed to resonate.

It was fast becoming an up and coming hobby at the time, and if I’m honest – it seems to be a past time that kept the interest of many.

The other day I was cleaning out my hard drive and I stumbled across the documentary and I thought what a lovely thing to share with the world… So here goes – enjoy!

Not sure to laugh or cry at the sound of my voice…

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