The different ways to use a wheelie bin in the garden or allotment

Most of us have a garden waste wheelie bin at home, but the rules set out by your local council can be confusing – can you put food waste in there?What about small amounts of soil? Small twigs and branches…?

Not all areas offer garden waste wheelie bins at all, and on top of that, many of us find our bins overflowing between collections, as it only takes one good pruning session, a flowerbed clear-out or a day of cutting long grass to produce more organic waste than a standard bin can hold.

Luckily you can buy garden waste bins online in a range of different sizes to suit your garden at home – or even your allotment, where a garden waste wheelie bin can serve any one of a number of different purposes.

1100 litre wheelie bins for allotments

For allotments and large gardens, you can get 1100 litre wheelie bins such as the very large garden waste bins from Wheelie Bin Solutions.

These hard-wearing bins offer a huge amount of capacity compared with a standard garden waste wheelie bin, so if you find your bin is often full, this is one way to get some extra space.

You’re not limited to green or brown bins either – they come in a rainbow of colours including red, orange, yellow and blue, along with dark grey and rugged metal construction.

Wheelie bins for garden waste

When you buy a garden waste wheelie bin you put yourself in control of what goes into it.

Most garden waste will settle and rot down, meaning your bin doesn’t need emptying very often at all, but you still need that capacity to dispose of fresh clippings while they are still taking up a lot of space.

For allotment operators including local councils, 1100 litre garden waste bins give all of your allotment holders a safe, contained place to dispose of organic materials.

In fact nationwide, nine out of ten local councils use 1100 litre metal wheelie bins for one purpose or another, and allotments are the perfect place to do so.

Wheelie bins for composting and wormeries

As mentioned, large garden waste wheelie bins give you plenty of space for organic waste to rot down, and this means they are a prime candidate to use for composting and wormeries.

Just follow the usual guidelines about draining excess fluid from the bottom of the bin, and being careful about the types of organic waste you put in – no meat or dairy!

This should be enough to give you a rich compost layer once the contents have been able to rot down in controlled conditions, again all in the convenient container of an 1100 litre garden bin.

Secure garden tool storage

It might sound odd at first, but there are several very good reasons to use an 1100 litre garden waste bin as a place for secure garden tool storage!

The largest bins available from Wheelie Bin Solutions have the option of a confidentiality lock, which means they cannot be easily opened by opportunistic thieves passing through your garden or allotment.

Metal 1100 litre wheelie bins have even sturdier construction, although the plastic bins can withstand a lot including chemical and corrosive attacks.

Best of all, from the outside there is no reason to suspect that a bin contains anything other than garden waste or other rubbish – so would-be criminals are likely to pass right by your valuable garden tools while looking for a padlocked shed or garden tools storage box.

This post was brought to you by Craig Pryce from Wheelie Bin Solutions.

2 thoughts on “The different ways to use a wheelie bin in the garden or allotment

  1. nice idea but a tad pricey for me. Kids tend to nick the bins and ride them down the hills locally . I have often seen tools hidden in composters though. perhaps it would have been nice to mention it was a guest (commercial post at the top)


    1. Glad you found the ideas useful – I honestly didn’t know about creating a place for worms myself.

      > perhaps it would have been nice to mention it was a guest (commercial post at the top)

      Duly noted – will do this for next time πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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