Autumn colours at Bushy Park, Hampton

Autumn is definitely THE time of the year to go out for a walk and soak in the colours of change and Bushy Park in Richmond is definitely a place to visit at this time of year.

Bushy Park, London’s second biggest park, is steeped in English Heritage, safe guarded by The Royal Parks. Once the hunting ground for Henry VIII, Bushy Park is now the home to the hundreds walkers, cyclists and families that visit each year – not too mention the deer that roam wild.

Chestnut Avenue

Chestnut Avenue runs right through Bushy Park from Teddington to Hampton Court and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the mid-late 16h Century.

Aptly called Chestnut Avenue thanks to the rows and rows of chestnut trees that line road to and from the palace.

These Autumn leaves

Like many parks in London a lot of the greenery and shrubbery is dying off to make way for next years growth.

Bushy is park is no different in that respect and you can experience an array of warm, comforting browns at every turn.


Bushy Park is home to wild Red and Fallow deer, which truly is a sight to see at any time of the year.

They’re roam the grounds just as they would have done during Henry VIII’s time. Autumn is rutting season for the deer (mating season) which means that you must keep your distance.

Like most breeding seasons – three’s a crowd!

Deer safety

Unfortunately deer in Bushy Park have learned to approach people in search of food, especially in popular areas such as around the pond and car park. This has recently led to a number of dangerous incidents in which people have been charged by deer looking for food. Please remember that the deer in Bushy Park are wild animals so, for your own safety, please keep a distance of at least 50 metres and move away if you’re approached.

Courtesy of –

As I was capturing the footage above, the stag never took his eyes off me. I reckon if he could talk, he’d probably ask me to “mind my own business and move along.”

Two female deer (otherwise known as hinds) were nearby too, so I suspect he was keeping his eyes on them as well.

The size of his antlers also told me that he’s not to be trifled with.

The landscape

The variety of landscapes and natural features available in Bushy park surprised me.

Walking through the grounds, you’ll go from wide open grassland to streams and woodland in a matter of minutes.

Naturally, the place is littered with old, fallen and standing trees. It’s interesting to think that on first glance, you’d think that they were put there on purpose… when in truth, that’s much to the contrary.

If these trees could talk, I wonder what stories of kings and queens they could tell from the ages…

Visiting new places of natural beauty is a great way to unwind – I’d definitely recommend a walk through the park if you have an opportunity.

Are there parks and green spaces you like to visit in the autumn? I’d love to read suggestions in the comments below 🙂

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