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Ask Adam #10: Moving moles and mountains

Ania from Poland has written in and has some extra visitors to the plot…

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#Allotments are a serious business in #Poland🇵🇱 😎

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My garden keeps getting dug up by moles, and they’re damaging plants and vegetables – what can I do about this?

I’m sorry to hear you’ve attracted some uninvited guests into your garden, but I would take it as a compliment as you’ve probably cultivated some good, worm rich ground there!

The main thing in my mind is to not harm the moles, as annoying as they might be!

There’s lots online about using smoke repellents, or mole repellent pellets – but this can have an effect on the worm population, which is less than ideal.

I would start off by using a solar powered electronic repellent , which give off low frequency vibrations to deter moles from a certain spot.

You’ll most likely need more than one as the mole will most likely move to a different location in the garden – but I would stick them into areas that are important to you.

Eventually, it’ll find it’s way out. You can purchase these here.

If that doesn’t work – you may wish to escalate things and try and humanely catch them, using a human mole trap.

These are designed to be buried in the mole tunnel to try and catch the moles, with a view to release them elsewhere.

You would need to make sure you visit the trap regularly after installation to ensure the moles survival.

You can purchase one of these here.

In the meantime, you could look to collect up the soil pushed up by the moles to use for potting or (inevitably) repairing any damage caused. Moles are very good at sifting through the soil, making it airy, soft, lump free and useful. 🙂

I hope the above is useful to you – I hope you manage to manage the moles. 🙂

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