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Let’s give it up for the gardening books! #WorldBookDay

World Book Day is upon us once again and it’s great day to show some appreciation for the books on our shelves and their authors.

Last year I did run down of the books that I use regularly for advice, ideas and inspiration and I’ve been lucky enough to add to the list.

The half-hour allotment
– Lia Leendertz

Timely tips for the most productive plot ever

In this book Lia dives into the benefits of the half-hour principal approach to running an allotment, setting clear expectations on the fruits of our labour – during our busy lives.

This book is a great read for those who have just taken on a plot, and no doubt food for thought for the well seasoned gardener out there. This covers everything from your first year, ongoing tips and tricks throughout the season and a run down on boosting wildlife.

Take a look inside here.

Be realistic. If your aim is to grow everything your family will want to eat for the entire year, the half-hour system won’t work for you. We are not trying to achieve Good Life-style self sufficiency here.

Lia Leendertz

Attracting butterflies to your garden
– John & Maureen Tampion

Butterflies are possibly the most beautiful insect visitors to any garden.

Little did I know before reading this book that Butterflies, like bees are pollinators in the garden.

Whenever I see a butterfly at the allotment, which admittedly isn’t very often – it does stop me right in my tracks and I do take a moment to observe their bright, colourful wonderfulness.

Note to self – encourage more butterflies!

I have Thompson & Morgan to thank for this after winning an Instagram competition recently. Check out their feed, it’s really good!

Take a look inside here.

Every garden has the potential to attract butterflies – even if you only have space for a hanging basket or window box.

John & Maureen Tampion

Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Garden Diary
– Charles Dowding, introduced by Darina Allen

No Dig – healthy soil, fewer weeds

It’s no surprise this has landed on my shelf in the last 12 months. I visited a talk with Charles Dowding at RHS Wisely and I came away thinking, “It just makes sense!”

This book not only provides week by week advice on what to do when going no dig in the garden, but it also acts as a journal so that you too can document you’re own trials and triumphs.

As a result of the talk and this book – I think I’m naturally on the cusp of going no-dig at the allotment.

Take a look inside here.

Being there, little and often. The most successful approach is gradual, piece by piece, with continual small achievements that build confidence, interest and a great garden.

Charles Dowding

I wonder what the year ahead holds for new publications and books about gardening.

I’d love to know your recommended reads in the comments below! 🙂

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