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Homemade propagators

Not so long ago I showed you how I make toilet roll seed starters and now I’ve made something to go with them.

This is a very quick, easy propagator that anyone can make for your seedlings if you’ve got some clear and mushroom punnets left over.

I know what you’re thinking… why would I need a propagator? A propagator helps to create stable atmospheric conditions, in terms of temperature and moisture, to help get seed germination underway and more efficiently.

For one propagator you will need:

  1. Clear fruit punnet (for the lid)
  2. Mushroom punnet of a similar or same size (for the base)
  3. Duck tape
  4. Scissors

To make one propagator…

First, cut a strip of duck tape and tape to underneath the lip of the edge of the bottom of the propagator.

Then, using the lip of the top half of the propagator – tape the top half, to the bottom. Be sure to make sure there’s little creases and air in the tape, as this will dry out the glue of the tape that holds everything together.

Then, the last thing you need to do, is seal the tap on the inside of the propagator, using another strip of tape. As before, this is to stop (or reduce) the glue in the tape from drying out.

And that’s it! Ta-da – you have a flippable lid for your seedlings.

These little propagators are rough and ready, but they are a perfect size for small pots and seed starters, as you can see, and they’re also great exercise in recycling around the house.

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