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How to make seed labels

Making your own garden labels is dead easy! All you need is some scissors and an old pot or piece of packaging.

Since the lockdown, it’s safe to say I’m looking at things slightly differently before I throw them away. I’ve been looking at things and asking myself: “Can this be of use?” or “Can I make that into something that’s of use?”

Generally speaking, items made of cardboard or plastic tend to be of more use than other items.

Generally speaking, plastic posts of all sizes tend to be the most useful – once you remove the tops and the bottoms from the pot to make a clean strip of plastic.

Once you’ve you’ve removed the top and bottom of the pot you can cut the plastic into smaller strips, that will be your labels.

It’s a great gardening hack to keep in mind, because after all a label is literally just something you write on – to know what it is you are planting or sowing.

Like most of the recycling bits and pieces I’ve published recently (homemade toilet roll seed starters and propagators) – I like to make things as minimal and simple as possible, so all you’ll need is your pots, scissors and a marker pen.

Like the toilet roll seed starters, there’s lots online about how you can go about making your own labels, and all of the different items you can use to mark out your plants and seedlings, so by all means feel free to add this to your arsenal of gardening hacks.

I’d love to know if you make any of your own labels, and what you make them out of in the comments below. 🙂

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