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Ask Adam #12: To sow or not to sow…

Rob has written in with this very autumnal query 🙂

Can I sow Autumn king carrots as of now in pots in a poly greenhouse and if so how big do you need the plants to be before replanting in containers

I’d say if you’ve got a poly greenhouse at your disposal, go forth and sow. The micro climate that they can generate can definitely work to your advantage against the colder temperatures.

You have nothing to lose 🙂

Personally, I’ve had no luck sowing carrots and then transplanting them, even with replanting thinned out carrot seedlings, so I would suggest planting straight into the containers you intend to grow them in for the long term.

I’ve found carrots to be quite fussy, so I’d make sure the soil in the containers is thing, loose, sandy in texture and free of any clumps and stones – similar to top soil.

Something I’m yet to try (generally) but with carrots in particular is multisowing, whereby seeds are sowed two or three at a time in cells, or cell like spacing. I’ve heard it’s feasible to do with carrots, but I’m yet to try it.

I hope that’s useful and I really do you get some good yields from your efforts 🙂

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