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The space is at the end of the plot and it resides underneath some very old oak trees, which means, that not much tends to grow there, because of the fallen acorns, leaves and the level of light in this space. Mainly, this space has been used to house nailed together cold frame, which succumb…

There’s a patch at the allotment that needs some overdue TLC and this is the year where I’m going to make a start with this particular patch.

The space is at the end of the plot and it resides underneath some very old oak trees, which means, that not much tends to grow there, because of the fallen acorns, leaves and the level of light in this space.

Mainly, this space has been used to house nailed together cold frame, which succumb to the elements not so long ago.

If I’m totally honest, I currently don’t know what to do with this space. All I know is that it needs to be easy to maintain and useful. If you have any ideas, please do let me know in the comments below.

The first job on the agenda is clearance, whilst figuring out what to keep and what not to keep.

Pruning Red Gooseberry bushes

At the front of the plot are two well established red gooseberry bushes, which I’m reluctant to remove or move, for fear of doing more harm than good to the plants themselves.

The plants haven’t seem much pruning in recent years, and so as a result have become quite leggy. I’ve left around of the third of the plant left, and I’ve made sure that I’ve made cuts where there’s buds and new growth ready to sprout.

Moving the wood store

Keeping the gooseberry bushes in tact were two wired up logs, which have been there for quite a while.

Removing these wasn’t too much of a struggle as they have rotted at the base and just needed a quick push over. I’ve moved all of the wood in this space to a new area on the plot, behind the shed.

The wood store consists mostly of these logs and off cuts of decking used to create the raised beds.

I’m thinking that these could be quite good for a bug hotel perhaps?

Pulling back membrane

Covering the ground is a plastic membrane which has done a good job of keeping weeds at bay, but over the years, weeds have come grown through the membrane and on top of it, making it unworkable.

I used to be able to pull up the weeds fairly quickly clearing it of weeds, but that’s no longer the case. Going forward, it would be easier to run a mower over the ground.

Pruning fir tree

The space is home to a very well established fir tree, which has grown leaps and bounds over the years, without much encouragement and I’ve kind of left it to it’s own thing.

Needless to say, it’s become a little bit leggy in places and some branches have grown in the way – so a trim was well overdue.

Amazingly, as I was pruning the tree, I was greeted with a strong, delightful lemon scent – something I’d not experienced before with a fir tree. A Google search has revealed this tree could be none other than the Monterey Cypress Goldcrest.

I will most likely keep this tree in place.

What to do next…

Clearance is still underway, and I’m sure inspiration will come to me as I go as to what to do with this space.

Maybe just focusing on clearing the space should be my goal over the next few weeks, rather than getting caught up in figuring out what to do with it… What do you think?

I’d love to know your thoughts, suggestions and ideas in the comments below 🙂



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  1. I’d get some woodchip around the gooseberries, I’ve found that really helps them. Maybe a pond in that area?

    1. Yeah I’m thinking of something wildlife related, I think ponds look great but sometimes feel in the way 🤔 I’m just reading up on them..

  2. I have 3 elderly elder at the bottom of my plot. One of the terms of tenancy is that we don’t remove any trees and they were right in the way of where I wanted my shed. Luckily 2 toppled over in gales this year, so I could legitimately remove all 3 because the 3rd was bound to be as unstable and dangerous too!
    I’m going to go with the pond suggestion too – think of all the help frogs and toads will be in keeping the slug population down!

    1. Elderflowers, that’s an awesome idea seeing I discovered elderflower gin this year 🙂 . And you know… I did briefly Google allotment ponds and the frog/slug came up in abundance… Perhaps I can think about building something that’s doesn’t get in the way? 🤔

  3. A great area for shade, so how about a seated area to escape from the hot summers we seem to be having! Planted up with shade tolerant flowers it would be a lovely relaxing spot.

    1. Yes! And now you come to mention it.. the other side, with the brambles, I’ve ear marked this for the relaxing area for a hammock. I discovered hammocks for the first time this year and they’re amazing!

      1. Sounds like a plan! I wish I had a shady area on my plots, full sun all the way which can get too much at times.

      2. Why not plant something that will provide a bit of shade 🙂 like a fruit tree perhaps? Win, win 🙂

      3. Great idea but sadly we’re not allowed to plant trees on our plots, including dwarf rootstock. Our plots are quite small compared to the average size allotment, so I can see why the rule is there. We are lucky to have a community orchard on site, the trees are still young so not providing any shade yet. I tend to hide in my shed, bit warm but at least I can get out of the sun!

  4. We are new to allotmenteering having only secured our allotment this year of all years, it has been great for our mental health as well as physical, the aching joints don’t agree. We have captured what we have done so far on our blog it would be great to get your opinions. Thank you.

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