A White Christmas in Warsaw 2021



I can’t imagine a lot of people did a lot of travelling this past Christmas, but I was one of the lucky ones and managed to travel to Poland.

Can you believe that in 32 years (cough** – yes I’m now in my 30’s) I have never had a white Christmas – until this year.

It was really quite magical to see the snow starting to fall on the 23rd, only to wake up on Christmas Eve and see the place covered in snow.

We were staying in the Wawer region of Warsaw, which is east/southeast of the centre.

In Poland, and (I think) most parts of Europe, Christmas is celebrated predominantly on the 24th December – another first for me, and to be honest this really distilled the hustle and bustle of the season into a fine syrup that was the afternoon.

The occasion mostly consisted of preparations, cooking food, decorating the Christmas tree, playing Christmas music and generally making merry.

It then goes into the evening, where you proceed to eat and drink too much, wishing your loved ones well and generally just having a good old laugh. Just what Christmas is all about.

Waking up on Christmas Day to snow was magical. We enjoyed a family breakfast, to which I imported a bucks fizz tradition and then we went for a walk in the nearby forest.

We went off the off-track and followed the local water way that led into the forest

After a few minutes, some ooh’s and ahh’s on my part, we made it to the forest. Where there were some more ooh’s and ahh’s, and just straight up admiration for nature.

We followed the water way passed the trees, bushes and other passers by – it was hard to believe it was Christmas Day almost.

Just after midday, the temperature started to drop and that’s when we turned around and headed home.

Of course everything is so beautiful – I couldn’t help but have some fun with portrait mode on the phone.

I really do love portrait mode, it makes things look awesome and detailed by blurring the background and focusing on the foreground. If you haven’t used it before, then try it – you’ll enjoy it!

With our noses and cheeks turning red from the chill, it was time for something warming – a perfect opportunity to make and share an old faithful beverage that is the ultimate hot toddy for everyone, accompanied with a wedge of Christmas cake, I’d made in advance and brought along for the journey.

This was the perfect antidote and went down well as everyone relaxed and warmed back up.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and 2022 is treating you well thus far!



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  1. .raf

    yep!!! and thank you adam for being here. everything was absolutely dog’s bollocks!!!

    1. Right you are!

  2. Retno Nindya

    The pictures are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, Adam! ✨

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