The Wildlife garden – 18 months later…



In November 2020, there was a section of plot wasn’t being usedd and so I built a wildlife garden – This is two years on…

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Back in November 2020, there was a piece of at the end of the plot that I didn’t know what to do with. I wrote this post here to garnish some opinions on what to do, and explained some of the obstacles faced.

One of the main elephants in the room (or on the plot) is that the area sits underneath some well established oak trees which make sunlight and and anything grown purposefully – a challenge.

After some back and forth in ones head, I decided to meet the conditions halfway and grow a wildlife garden. I cut back things that were in the way and went about stripping the area of any undesirables.

This included an old rotted out cold frame, membrane, water butts, some old logs, sleepers…among other things. I filmed the first days graft.

I had some ideas for this space and some “essentials” in mind when I created this little garden. Some of them I’d say I’ve achieved, others are yet to come to past. I knew it would be a good idea to have a bug hotel, a facility for birds (feeder and a bird bath) and a hedgehog hotel.

I wanted to grow lavender, nettles and wildflowers – the latter of which has turned out to be a given as times gone on.

I haven’t grown lavender there yet – however, the nettles and the wildflower have come up a treat.

I documented the other builds and other bonuses likes the wheelbarrow bed and the pond in the posts below.

Today there I was at the plot, and after I’d finished cutting the grass and strimming and I took five on the bench, glanced over and thought to myself – “Wow, that’s really quite beautiful… and it’s all natural.” and I found myself taking some photos.

Then I thought to myself, “When did I build this?” – did a search on my blog and saw that it was 2020. I remember this area being dormant and void of any life, where now it was teaming with activity. Bees, butterflies, wasps, lady birds and other creepy crawlies are all fluttering around at this time of year, and you easily find yourself perching up and just watching the world go by.

It’s undoubtedly a very space with long, “unruly” grasses (notice how I put unruly in quotation marks there, when actually this is the intention.)

This greenery can make the flowers stand out and it’s one of the few places where dandelions are welcomed and appreciated!

I’ve also found plants growing through unusual items, which is a true sign that this is a wildlife garden through and through!

And can we skip to the good part?

Wildlife garden 2020 to 2022

Left: Nov 2020 || Right: April 2022
Left: Nov 2020 || Right: April 2022
Left: Nov 2020 || Right: April 2022
Left: Nov 2020 || Right: April 2022

I love a good before and after photo – do you often reflect on your efforts? If yes, I’d love to know what you’re proud of in the comments below.



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  1. The wildlife garden looks delightful – well done!

    1. Thank you! It’s amazing to watch and see how nature has just done it’s own thing 🙂

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