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Not so long ago, I went for a walk through Wimbledon Common and in true Adam style, I got lost…

I was in Wimbledon supporting my other half who was doing the Wimbledon Half Marathon 2022 and I found myself going for walk through the woods of Wimbledon Common.

We started at the Richard Evans Memorial Playing Fields on Roehampton Vale and once the athlete had set off, I made my way through the woods and aimed to get to the Wimbledon Common Windmill as I was informed this was a good view point to see everyone running past.

I followed the Beverly Brook, heading in the vague direction of Caeser’s Well

It was actually quite lovely as the sun was shining the the blossom on the trees are were in full bloom.

The birds were flittering around and the squirrels were scaling the trees and branches.

And then all of a sudden I came across something that you don’t see that often – unless you go for walks or scroll the grams, twitters and tweets like I do…

Dead hedge

dead hedge is a barrier constructed from cut branches, saplings, and foliage. The material can be gathered from activities such as pruning or clearing, and in traditional forms of woodland management,[1] such as coppicing. Its ecological succession can be a beetle bank or hedge.


I don’t think I’ve seen a dead hedge before, or at least I don’t remember seeing a dead hedge, so I’ll consider this my first sighting of one.

What followed was a really long walk through the woods, and past the golf course.

From this point I had to get a move on and find the Windmill if I were to meet them in time, so there weren’t many photos during this hurried walk. Also I never did find Caeser’s Well, but in the end I did manage to get to the Windmill in time and watch everyone run past.

I’m not entirely sure, where I walked, but I think this was my approximate route.

After that, I walked back to the start line via the A3, passed the cemetery and the ASDA.

Have you gone walking in Wimbledon recently? What landmarks should we seek out during our next visit?



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