The Second Best Marigold Bug Hotel!



This time last year, I built another bug hotel and donated it to a school.

In June of last year I had an old arris rail, some scrap wood and some cumbersome logs that I did not know what to do with, so I decided to make another bug hotel.

Originally, this was meant to be for the Vincent Hazel project, but there was never the space available to place that permanently (at least at the time), so instead I decided to donate this to the school where the wife teaches.

I wanted to create something similar to what I created before when I last built a bug hotel.

I don’t have any pictures of the build itself, so I’ll do my best to describe how I put it together.

I first cut a square piece of plywood, and screwed on some arris rails to two of the sides. The idea here is to use the arris rails as the support for the roof slats, with an arris rail in the middle making a pitch.

I then screwed a post to the bottom of the housing, so that it can stand up. With this part, I thought I’d use the logs to hide the the post.

And then lastly, I got some smaller logs and I drilled some holes into the ends and slotted them through lengthways from the front to the back. This helps for burrowing bees to make a habitat.

This post is nearly a year overdue and only really come to pass because I’m having to clear out storage in my Google account, and this jogged my memory to write and post about it.

I recommend making a bug hotel, they’re a great little feature for the garden or green space. 🙂



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