Bloganuary 2023 #6: – Why do you write?




I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that…

I think I write because I can – but that doesn’t meant to say that my writing is any good… At least I’ve never had a critique of my writing by anyone, so my writing could be pretty decent… Who knows.

Maybe it’s subjective…Some people like to read certain styles of writing, some styles of writing are universally accepted as being good, some are not.

One thing I will confess to is, I tend to miss out words when writing. It turns out this is a thing with highly intelligent, creative people. The internet says so.

These are the signs of intelligent people. People who have a extremely fast brain tends to ignore unnecessary things. Such as small words. This can be explained in another way. People who are extremely creative they tend to think so fast. That your hand coordination slows down. Your brain is so focused in putting a point forward. That it skips stuffs that would slow it down. Hence when you’re typing your creativity and intelligence is working hand in hand but not your hand. So in a nutshell you’re faster than a computer.

Be proud of it. Only a few people are intelligent on this planet and you’re one of them.

no if you’ll excuse I got take a in the toilet.

Derek Ward – Blogger – Quora

Thanks Derek Ward, appreciated.

Why do you write? Do you leave words out? Let me know!

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