Bloganuary 2023 #8: – How far back in your family tree can you go?




This post is short and sweet…

Not that far back – only to grandparents and great grandparents.

Growing up I was always given the advice, “why do you want to go looking back at that for? You’ll only be looking for trouble.”

Which has only left me intrigued as a result.

Bit of a short and sweet post that one… How tall is your family tree?t

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  1. We got ours back to 1600 ish. The one thing that always interested me was down the family line (we’ve a portrait of my great great grandma) we all have the folds over your eyes that you might associate people from the Far East with. We can only assume that it goes all the way back to a gentleman from Portsmouth described as “swarthy” but where he came from and if it went even further back than that, no one knows.

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