Bloganuary 2023 #9: – What is the most memorable gift you have received?




Let’s see here…Gift, or type of gift…?

I don’t think you could ever pin this down to one gift over the course of a lifetime – if you were, all of the other gifts would get jealous.

I think it’s probably best to narrow down what makes a gift memorable, which for me it’s usefulness. (That criteria was obviously different when I was younger, but as I grow older, things that are of use are good!)

So to give you an example, a very basic example… I recently lost a vegetable peeler, one that I was almost everyday, and it was a long handled one.

It looked a bit like this…

I was a wizard with this thing, until the borrowers borrowed it (still borrowing)… and when I had to go back to a regular peeler I felt a bit lost with it, it was something else I had to get used to.

Anyways, no doubt it was replaced, and all was well, but I really appreciated the usefulness of this tool!

So these types gifts are really appreciated – but I’m not sure if that really answers the question.

What’s your most memorable gift, or even, the most memorable type of gift?

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