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The long lost chicken tapes

Allotment Diary Composting Leafmould

Preparing raised beds

At the top the plot I’ve got some raised beds where I plan to grow some gooseberry plants and I thought I’d go over how I have recently prepared the raised beds.

Allotment Diary Victory Garden

Will Brexit boost an interest in Growing your own?

I’ve tried my best to not mention the B word on this blog for as long as I can, however, I’ve been going through my stats and I’ve noticed something rather interesting…

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Lego and horticulture?

When I heard that there was Lego at RHS Wisely, my first reaction was – “That’s an usual place to sell lego?” Then I heard there was an exhibition taking place in the glasshouse!

Allotment Diary Autumn Bliss Malling Promise Raspberries

Autumn Bliss and Malling Promise Raspberries

I’ve never grown raspberries and after a visit to Poland in August of last year, and seeing all of the lovely fruits that had grown, I made a mental note to grow some in the year ahead.

As you’ll see, allotments are a serious business in Poland and it’s one of my favourite places to get inspiration from.