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Ask Adam #10: Moving moles and mountains

Ania from Poland has written in and has some extra visitors to the plot…

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#Allotments are a serious business in #Poland🇵🇱 😎

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My garden keeps getting dug up by moles, and they’re damaging plants and vegetables – what can I do about this?


Autumn colours at Bushy Park, Hampton

Autumn is definitely THE time of the year to go out for a walk and soak in the colours of change and Bushy Park in Richmond is definitely a place to visit at this time of year.

Allotment Diary

Foxes – friend or foe?

If you walk around the the Knollmead Allotments on a sunny afternoon, you’ll be sure to spot at least one fox, maybe even two.

Genuinely, I find them a real delight to watch as they scurry around playing, hunting and generally being fox like.

I managed to capture the footage below.

Like most things wildlife, foxes produce moments that are rare and unique.