Allotment Diary Top 10s

Last Minute Mother’s Day Presents

I’m hoping you’re more prepared than I am when it comes to gardening and Mother’s Day and that you’ve managed to purchase a gift in time. If not, do not fear… Here’s some quick fixes to get you through that last minute Mother’s Day rush.

Remember – you can always say, “I ordered it, but it didn’t arrive in time because.. you know.. it’s Mother’s Day!”…

  1. Set of 10 Metal Hanging Flower Pots With Drainage Holes – – Colourful flower pots to hang around here and there. Speaks for itself, colourful, vibrant and very pretty.
  2. Plant Theatre Boozy Gardeners Kit- – Everything you need to create great cocktails from the plants on a pot on the windowsil or outside. Lovely stuff!
  3. Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden Kit – – Same as the above, but with a different set of seeds. My advice would be to buy both 2 and 3 of this list… Just incase one cocktail isn’t enough.

  4. Celebration Roses 3.5 Litre “Special Mum” – – Nothing says “I love you mum” more than you saying it carrying a rose called ‘Special Mum’.

  5. Plant Theatre 2 Willow Teacup Planters – – The gift that keeps on giving. Wicker planters in the shape of tea cups…

  6.  ‘Mum’s Kitchen’ Herb Garden Windowsill Planter – – Oh yeah, now we’re talking, a planter with ‘Mum’ written on it. Personal and useful!
  7. Bareroot Hybrid Tea Garden Rose Bush ‘Mum in a Million’ – – what’s better than saying, “Mum you’re one in a million”? You saying “You’re a mum in a million” whilst giving her a rose called “Mum in a Million” 

  8. Magnet & Steel Please Close the Gate Cast Iron Landscape Sign – – This is to replace the last sign that broke because you didn’t close the gate and it slammed in the wind…

  9. Anything personalised by Loldeantimber – – Don’t you think that ‘Mum’ can sometimes be a little bit too generic? Do not fear, these guys are brilliant and have a range of personalised items for you to choose from.
  10. Plastic Claws Gardening Gloves – – Freddy Kruger called, he said he wants his gloves back. As weird as they look, the videos sure make them look useful…

    Good luck fellow sons and daughters!


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