Welcome to the plot

In 2007, I took on an allotment and things went from strength to strength.

Having an allotment is one of the most rewarding things you can do – it keeps you fit, you learn tonnes about gardening and you get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables that money can’t buy.

I hope to share hints, tips and gardening victories!

Plot 71 is located in the heart of Tolworth, South West London on the Knollmead allotment site.  Tolworth is a small suburb in Surbiton, Kingston Upon Thames, and it’s famous for The Mini Cooper, Ziggy Stardust, Tolworth Tower and playing a unknown, but monumentous role in Brazilian football history.

Each year I try to put together a simple plan to try and lay out what should go where and why.  Although, in reality sometimes it doesn’t really work out like that – so instead and I plant and grow as I go. (Hey, that rhymes!)

The plot has two sides to it. One side is made up of fruits and the other side is made up of everything else, like potatoes, tomatoes, brassicas and root veg.






Over the last few years I’ve built a good collection of fruits which include strawberries, rhubarb, spring and autumn raspberries, red gooseberries and a golden plum tree.

There’s a couple of redcurrant and black current bushes on the plot I’m looking to move, blackberry bushes I’m looking to tame, a grape vine to plant and also some regular gooseberry bushes I’m hoping to establish.

It was a conscious decision to plant a whole side with fruits, mainly because these generally tend to look after themselves, which makes so much easier.

Also, you can’t beat fresh, sweet fruits straight off the vine!

Red gooseberries
Golden plum tree


The other side of the plot is for the vegetables and this sees more change than the fruit side of the plot. I kind of think of the two sides as sweet and savoury.

I’ve grown quite a variety of different things over the years. Each year I’m trying to branch out and try different things.

I’m also constantly looking to improve things, whether if it’s learning on how to keep the weeds down, improving yields or keeping pests and diseases at bay.

I’m open to new ideas, so if you something that can be improved, please do let me know in the comments 🙂

Brussels sprouts


Having an allotment also gets me into the kitchen, and I love to share recipes and treats that are from plot to plate.

Much like how I grow in the garden, what I cook is also on an amateur level, so I welcome any advice, tips and tricks that you may want to share 🙂

You can read more recipes here and I’d love to your thoughts or what you think if you’ve given them a go 🙂

Invite some friends, and add some tonic
Comfort food

Welcome again to my plot and blog and if you enjoy reading, like, comment and subscribe 🙂