In 2007, I took on an allotment with my good friend Adam and things went from strength to strength.

Having an allotment is one of the most rewarding things you can do – it keeps you fit, you learn tonnes about gardening and you get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables that money can’t buy.

I hope to share hints, tips and gardening victories!

Welcome to plot 71

May 2019 during a rebuild

Plot 71 is located in the heart of Tolworth, South West London on the Knollmead allotment site.  Tolworth may not come across as the most glamorous of places, however, there are some great green spaces darted in the most unlikely of locations.

Kingston Council subcontracts the management of the site out to a company called Quadron – who then stipulate that the site is self-managed.  There are pros and cons to this as you do, (more or less) have a free reign over the place (something that shouldn’t be taken for granted).  On the other hand, getting things done can quite the chore.

There is also a lack of an allotment committee or a little resource/shop to help allotmenter’s out with supplies.  But we do get manure and wood chip delivered by the truckload on occasion and this does come in very handy.

Each year I try to put together a simple plan to try and lay out what should go where and why.  Although, in reality sometimes it doesn’t really work out like that – so instead and I plant and grow as I go.

I have 14 borders, each of varying sizes, separated by grass paths.  I have compost heaps at the front of the plot and a fruit area, at the base of the plot.  At the very far end of the plot are some giant, oak trees – which is really great for collecting and producing leaf mold in the autumn.

The Knollmead allotments also house the Kingston Permaculture – a project aimed at showing an ecologically sound way of living.

Having an allotment also gets me into the kitchen, so I’ve started to post some simple but effective recipe ideas that people can use with the produce they’ve grown.  Be warned, both my time in the kitchen and on the allotment is carried out on an amateur level – so I welcome any advice, tips and tricks that you may want to share 🙂