Top 10 items for allotment recycling



Allotment recycling is something all allotment holders do and should get into the habit of. Gardening and recycling often go hand in hand.

Allotment recycling is easy, quick and a great thing to do if you have an allotment.

Many household items are thrown out needlessly, when they can be reused over and over again.

1. OXO boxes

You’ve come back from the allotment, you’re chopping up a pepper, tomato or a pumpkin and you’d like to store the seeds somewhere. OXO or stock cube boxes are great for this – just be sure to label them so you know what they are!

2. Washing tablet box

These types of boxes are made to last and are watertight, useful for storing anything you want keep dry.

3. Ice cream container

Tea bags, sugar , powdered milk… Or maybe even a few sandwiches? Enough said.

3. Plastic milk bottles

Most milk bottles have measurement on the side, a good gauge if you’re particular about diluting quantities of tomato feed or other fertilisers.

4. Old CD’s

for keeping the birds away – old CD’s tied to a piece of string are a good deterrent for birds looking to have a nibble at some of your produce.


5. Cardboard toilet rolls

You can start your leeks indoors in a greenhouse if you so wish and these come to a great use, as once planted in the ground, these will degrade into the soil.

See how I make toilet roll seed starters here.

6. Glass jars

Thinking of making some preserves or pickles? You’ll need these.

7. Fruit punnets

All being well, you’ll be picking lots of fruit and vegetables this summer, these are great for carrying things and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll fill these up.  Fruit punnets can also be used for growing seedlings if you find that you’re short of pots or trays.

See how I make propagators here.

8. Vegetable peelings

Makes great compost and reduces landfill.


9. Spice jars

Be sure not to poke your eye out on any bamboo canes that you’re using at the allotment. Simply pop these on top.

10. Plastic bottles are THE item for allotment recycling

Always useful, you can use them as individual propagators or you can cut them in half and fill them beer to catch slugs.


Recycling is always a hot topic, so if you’re interested be sure to check out you’ll be surprised what you find!

What do you recycle at the allotment? I’d love to know in the comments below!



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