Kelvedon Wonder Peas

Sowing Outdoor Peas: Kelvedon Wonder

Sowing Outdoor Peas: Kelvedon WonderI’m so pleased with how my indoor peas have progressed that I feel as if I should have planted some more seeds, so I’ve decided to sow some outdoor peas.

I’ve stuck with the same variety as before, which is Kelvedon Wonder – you can read more about these here.

First I dug over and weeded the chosen bed and then I built a rudimentary zig-zag frame for the seedlings to grow up against.

Peas are climbers and so they need something to help support them and keep them off the ground.

The frame was connected with twine, but as the plants grow, I may add extra lengths of twine for extra support.  Each peg was about a foot and a half apart, and about a foot high.

Young outdoor peas can be quite susceptible to pests, in particular, the birds, who will make short work of the greenery when it starts to poke through. So I’ve recycled the frame I originally built for my rhubarb and covered it in netting to keep the birds off.

The slugs will also have a field day with these, so I’ll look to create a slug bin to deter them from eating the fresh young shoots.

Sowing Outdoor Peas: Kelvedon Wonder

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