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Will Brexit boost an interest in Growing your own?

I’ve tried my best to not mention the B word on this blog for as long as I can, however, I’ve been going through my stats and I’ve noticed something rather interesting…

Why am I writing this post?

So, back in January 2017, I set out and attempted to grow a victory garden at the allotment – and I did it as an experiment and to see if I can use methods of the past to be more efficient.

You can read about the process and how it went here – but to cut along story short, if I’m honest, I didn’t really see the whole process through to the end.

What is a victory garden? (a quick recap)

A victory garden for a family of five

Victory Gardens (or war gardens) were pioneered during World War I and World War II as a means to combat the food shortage that war brings to imports and exports. These gardens would encourage people to not rely so heavily on the public food supply, and this would ultimately aid the war effort on the home front. Over time these green spaces were considered a “morale booster”. Eventually, victory gardens played a major role in everyday life.

Having looked at my stats, evolving around this post, I’m wondering if the current political climate as boosted an interest in gardening and growing your own fruit and veg…

A sudden interested in growing your own?

I’m going to do something that not many bloggers do that often and that’s to talk about and reveal some of my blog statistics – and that’s because I’ve noticed one post attract more attention than the rest since the start of the year.

Growing a modern victory is the post that has been seen the most so far this year – averaging about 40 views a day and counting. Weekly views for this particular post are increasing from 20-40% each week.

I’ll let the below screenshots for this post do the talking…

Average per day

Recent weeks

Months and years

Yearly increase

Before I go any further, I have no idea what ‘Brexit’ is, besides it meaning that the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union. My opinions on the matter count for mist (generally speaking) – with no substance, no weight.

This is because since before and after the referendum my preferences have been flip flopping from way to the next.

It’s no secret that the possibility food shortages hitting consumers at the the result of a no deal Brexit have donned the headlines.

This speculation by the press is because the UK imports more than it produces – meaning that fresh fruit and vegetables may become more expensive.

I’m wondering if this press speculation and the coverage of potential food shortages is starting to make people think about growing their own fruit and veg to cater for a hike in supermarket prices.

Has this coverage sparked a ‘keep calm and carry on’ or ‘dig for victory’ spirit when it comes to food and bracing for uncertain times?

Or… Has this interest always been there?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

9 replies on “Will Brexit boost an interest in Growing your own?”

Interesting numbers. We Yankees are watching the whole thing with great interest, but I was actually surprised to see that you grow 57% of your veg. Driving around England and Scotland one sees very little “food” other than grains, while in Germany there are fields and fields of sugar beets, cabbages, and other veg. Whatever it takes to get people to grow their own and become more connected with food and nature is a boon in my opinion.

It could be that the Victory Garden post is popular for other reasons. For my blog it’s the post about my Grandad’s bread pudding! But I digress, I think that the talk about Brexit has made us aware of how vulnerable we could be to food shortages. I think the issue is really going to come down to the type of Brexit we have. And that’s still to be determined!

Hi, actually I’m from Czech Brexit doesn’t bother me. But I’m getting sick of political reasons of why we don’t eat czech food in our beautiful fertile country. And as we are moving soon to a better place with a bigger garden, I plan to grow half of our vegetable and fruit food. Currently I’m making some research and Pinterest led me to your Victory gardens post. So..thank you for inspiration!:)
Helena from Zlámanec, Czech Republic

Hello Helena! Many thanks for stopping by! I’m glad the post gave you some inspiration 🙂 . Is your new place going to be here in the UK or in the Czech Republic?

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