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Ask Adam #3: Gardena Irritation…

Maciej in Poland wrote in with the following:

What do you think about the Gardena Smart gardening system?

I’ve never used a system like this, but the technology sure looks impressive – but I would imagine it comes with a steep price tag – although I can’t seem to find prices on their site.

I’m definitely one for making life easier in the garden and If I had the time, money and inclination – I probably would look to implement a system like this.

My advice, would be to try it out if you have the requisites mentioned above and see how it goes. 🙂

Watering is a love hate kind of job for me personally. On one hand it’s one of those therapeutic jobs where you can stop and contemplate those achievements, whilst observing how you’re plants are growing.

On the other hand it’s a fairly time consuming ritual, and I sometimes prop up the hose inside of a fork handle whilst I complete another job.

I’d love to hear from any Gardena users out there to share there thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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